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“Shake The Cage is excellent. Nelson’s virtuosity as a guitarist and vocalist is definitely on display, and his songwriting ability is second to none.” –Huffington Post

“The album is full of super catchy guitar riffs and fantastic melodies equipped for mainstream rock, but they  also still have enough edge and creativity to appeal to rock n’ roll purists.” – CraveOnline.com

“Freddie Nelson’s voice certainly lives in the same zip code of the most famous Freddie to ever exist. It’s pretty undeniable that Nelson and Mercury would have killed and buried a duet.” – Scallywag Magazine

“Freddie Nelson maintains a level of lyrical honesty throughout ‘Shake The Cage’ that provides relief for those who are tired of releases that consist of tracks that desire slots on modern-day radio.” – Tattoo.com

“His vocals are powerful without pretention. He has a silky smooth vibrato and broad range. The tracks on here could have been hits in any decade, from the ’60s to the ’00s. And if he ever added a digital touch or D.J., these same songs could play on today’s Top 40 radio. It’s a well-crafted timeless sound.” Look to the Cookie

“The artist’s songwriting skills are on full display here. He crafts tight pop-savvy melodies and holds back from the guitar heroics of which he’s capable in order to serve the songs, instead opting to use solos that reinforce the melody rather than veer off on proggy tangents”. – MusicNews.com 


 In a Behind The Music style video series titled “Inside The Cage,” Freddie takes us through the ins and outs of the creative process of making the album and where the inspiration for each song came from.

''Freddie Nelson Is Freddie Mercury Incarnate with Shake The Cage'' - CraveOnline.com